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Prepare Yourself for Peggy’s Cove, St. Margarets Bay

St. Margarets Bay is a quiet, calm, village in rural Nova Scotia, famous for a lot of things, but best known for Peggy’s Cove. It is a quaint town that has been through a lot over the years, with deadly plane crashes, and tragedy on the rocks of Peggy’s. But, no matter what, the community always comes together as one. 

Since this small town is unlike many others, there are a few things you’ll want to know and prepare for before going. For example, the weather is freezing seven months out of twelve, and you won’t want to forget a bib for the lobster buckets. 

You also shouldn’t expect much cellular service or instant connections to wifi. However, you could get invited to the firehouse’s weekly poker tournament, and these guys aren’t messing around. Sharpen your skills by clicking here

Peggy’s Cove is also a must, which comes with very serious warnings you’ll want to follow to ensure your safety. 

So, let’s get started! 

Watch out for Slippery Rocks

Peggy’s Cove is a lighthouse that sits on huge rocks, and one of the province’s most visited tourist attractions. It has beautiful views of the sea and makes for a great postcard. 

However, the waves can reach huge feet, which is very dangerous for tourists who get too close to the rocks and slip. There are a ton of warning signs displayed all across the area, yet people still choose to walk by. 

Do not be one of those people! 

Wear appropriate footwear, a warm wind protecting jacket (especially in the winter), and do not cross the signs. 

Get Your Lobster On

It is no surprise that all of Nova Scotia is famously known for its lobster, and this is especially true in St. Margarets Bay. There are not one, but multiple restaurants that are part of the Peggy’s Cove attraction site, offering a variety of lobster dishes. 

These include chowders, half lobsters, or the works with a 2 pounder. Regardless of the meal you’re taking, you will be happy you brought some kind of bib. 

Even if you didn’t, no good lobster restaurant doesn’t already have them! 

Visit Peggy’s Cove Today

You won’t be disappointed when you make the trip out to Peggy’s, but it’s important to always think smart while having fun. 

Take some pictures on the rocks, take in the view, and make sure to grab a big lobster on your way out. Yes, did we mention you can even take them to go!